This is a new program Off the BLVD Production to get local comedians, improv artists and those who are in the entertainment business and wants to be a part something new in the Vegas Valley Area. 

We are offering 5 people to join our team.  Pretty much this would be a turnkey operations for those who are interested.  If you sign up for our program, you will receive the following benefits.

Access to our website and we will develop a page just for you, to be able to post videos, audio, pictures etc..

Access to our radio show channel, which includes a full functioning studio. 

Be a part of writing sessions and pitch meetings (can be done by skype).

Develop your own show.  Have an idea for a show, being a OTBP Club Member you could be able to have your very own radio show as much as every week. 

Receive an email account

Your name will be in the credits of all shows produced by OTBP as a Writer/Contributor

Receive a business cards with your name and the title Writer/Contributor. 

Be around like minded people to help motivate to help develop new material. 

No contract, month by month   *(Patreon Membership rules apply)

Full access of our network.  Part of the job of OTBP is to develop a network of individuals that work and/or have abilities in some capacity to the entertainment business.

Access to all of our social media

Access to our YouTube Channel

If you have a website, YouTube page etc, we will link all your work to your media content. 

You can join as a group/troupe.  If you have an Improv group and want to work on your craft, we are developing a show called The Improv Hour, which will feature local improv performers.  Also if you are a comedian that works with other comedians, perform and write together, also can join up as a team.   

How much would you pay to have access to all that is offered?  How much would you pay to be a part of a production company that pretty much does all the majority and annoying behind the scenes work.

Access to OTBP audio, video, sound and lighting equipment

Would you pay $300?  How about $200? Well call us nuts, but we are only charging $50 dollars a month.  So you don’t think there isn’t anything sneaky about this, each one of the partners also pay $50 dollars a month to make up some cost recovery. 

Think about all that you get.  For your radio show, you can broadcast out of your own home.  All you need is a computer, internet, a topic and the ability to talk to a crowd that isn’t there. 

Bonus- Each one of your shows will be available via On-Demand and also your show will be on Itunes.