Antwan Davis:  Executive Producer

Antwan Davis is a performer formerly with Stomp, Step Afrika, and Molodi, (Mo-lah-di) a Las Vegas based dance company he’s co-created. Living in Las Vegas since 2006 he has picked up improv acting, writing and stand up. When he’s not on stage he works freelance production for TV and film. Off the Blvd is an opportunity for Antwan to help facilitate and create a space for great artists in Las Vegas, to grow, find a voice, and help grow the off the Las Vegas Blvd culture.

​Arijont Phillips: Head Writer

Broken BLVD Crew Member

Las Vegan by way of Chicago 15 years ago. Arijont considers Las Vegas home, after finishing high school and college in local Las Vegas schools. Arijont began working construction with his father's small business. Although always the class clown Arijont tried his hand at Standup comedy around 24 and has been a staple of the local comedy scene ever since. He has since branched into stage and film acting, improv and teaching. Very passionate about local artist Arijont wishes to do all he can to shine a light upon the Las Vegas ARTS! 

Anthony Pastorello: Program Director

Broken BLVD Crew

Laureen Pastorello: Business Manager

Bio coming soon

Anthony Pastorello started performing in stand-up and improv training 6 years ago.  Along with performing in both Improv and stand-up, Anthony started an internet radio show called Strength Talk and became the number one powerlifting show heard all over the world.   In two short years, with 2 shows a month, Strength Talk had close to 200,000 downloads.  Along with the radio show, Anthony was one of the top broadcasters for powerlifting meets and during that time he set a new trend and produced a show that would average 20,000 viewers during live events. 

Anthony also produced a variety show called Chill’n With Insanity, that performed every Wednesday at Montley Crue’s, Vince Neil’s bar located in Las Vegas, called Feel Goods. 

Anthony is no stranger to speaking in front of a large crowd.  Before stand-up Anthony was Nevada States expert for teaching Firefighter’s Safety and Survival on the fire ground; Anthony traveled up and down the west coast teaching and training other firefighters.  Anthony’s ability to find humor within important subject matter knowing that laughing will help them remember and because of that philosophy, his classes were not only informative yet entertaining.

Anthony is currently a 25 year veteran of the Fire Service with almost 20 years in Las Vegas, so you know he has a lot of stories to keep you entertained.