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"Anything Goes" with the Broken BLVD Crew


When the guys together, they started telling "war" different stories, which lead them down different topics, using their ability to think quickly.  Each Crew member had their own stories to help defend their point of view and with the ability to discuss topics each putting their type of humor as they were defending their point of view and challenging each others view point.  During that time all of the sudden it came to them, this is the show, this is what we will produce. But, the show will have only two rules: one, no topic or subject is out of bounds and because people not having conversations that need to happen.  During a conversation on how they wanted to produce this show,  they sat around the kitchen table and just started talking about multiple topics and the Crew started to have a debate, but it wasn't a typical debate.  They were able to explain their side of the argument, and the best part, they were able to do it using humor.  

After they came up with the show idea, they came up with something special, two unbreakable rules: 1st to promised each other that no topic is taboo, and just like comedy, if you don’t feel it, its hack material, so no matter what each crew member's opinion, they have to be able to "keep it 100."  2nd, always remember even though we might be talking about a serious topic or subject, comedy is what we are about, and comedy will always be a part of the show,   For the guys they decided to treat each show like a comedy Improv set, if you don’t feel it, and/or the audience can see through you by saying what you think is what they want to hear, well that's a clear definition of hack material and is a huge no no for comics, specially the members of Broken BLVD Crew . 

The Crew's biggest goal for Anything Goes is to have topics that creates conversation, that the subject creates debates, even if the listeners completely disagree in what we are saying as long people are talking, and/or taking a side and creating their own debate; that is all we care about well. we hope it's funny too.   But the one thing we hope people get out of the show is how important listening is during a debate.  For us as Improv artists, we need to listen to what are partners are saying to be able to keep the skit alive, because when you truly listen to the counterpoint, you can understand where they are coming from, and when you learn how to listen, you can reach a compromise.  In addition to all that there is one more concept we hope you get out of our show, that no matter how you feel about something, if the facts are not on your "side" it doesn't make what you are saying right just because in your "gut" you truly believe it to be true.  No matter how much you want 2+2 to equal 5, it will always equal 4 regardless what you believe.  

The Crew takes pride that AG has no script, teleprompters, and/or cue-cards, they Improv the whole show.  The only thing that might happen before the show goes live, a topic might be agree upon; but normally one of the Crew member will start talking and when one of the guys finds an opening/set-up the member will start the debate, then the roles will start to develop off that one topic.  The great thing about Improv, you can start  on the beach playing volleyball and next you end with landing on the moon.

 The Crew plays different roles for each show, one will argue for the topic, one will argue against, and the other will host to keep the show moving. The host/moderator responsibilities during the show is to come up with questions, different points on the topic and the biggest challenge and the main part is to keep the conversation going, playing the more of a straight character while setting up the other members so they can develop their roles.  No matter what happens on the show, keep in mind, it is being developed right then and there.  The topics, usually what's the new controversy for that news cycle. Why?  Because usually that’s where you can find the real true emotion of the audience.  As comics they have this ability to find that little piece of truth and have the ability to turn noting into something so obvious and that’s where the funny can be found; the Crew talks about passionate topics and even though, comedy is the main goal, but please remember the Crew's one thing they love to do, is to create controversy, playing devils advocate.   Because the Crew uses humor to discuss a topic please know this, the topics are real topics, and each of the guys has their own little pet-peeve and hold passion for different subjects.  With that being said, do misunderstand that their humor means they are taking the topic lightly and/or want to belittle those who might disagree, But speaking their mind in using humor for a way for those listening can identify with and Anthony is commonly saying, "If they are laughing, it proves they are at least listening."


"Inside the Room” The Broken Way

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Big Brother is watching you.  As the guys were starting to get together, and during their writing session, Anthony had set up a camera, at first was just to do promo videos and just to get an idea of what the show would look like, but after a few sessions and the more video they watched and after one night of writing and recording what ended up happening, a new show was soon developed, 

The Crew realized their fans could see how Off the BLVD produces and creates its shows, how the guys learn to work side by side, watch how they develop their Improv abilities, and how they come up with ideas for their stand-up material.  See the inside the minds of 3 comedians trying to move their career to the next step and see how much time, effort and work that goes into creating a career in comedy. 

Every Wednesday, @7:30pm on our Patreon Page or YouTube  Channel, Club Members will be able to watch videos of the Crew at work trying to make a show that is not only entertaining but give an inside look on how production company and three guys with completely different background putting it all together.  

Most broadcasters that doesn't  do some kind of behind the scenes because they are afraid some might steal a secret.  Our secret is we have no secret or it is the secrete all production companies, broadcasting channels and YouTubers know, you have to keep writing, never think an idea is stupid, it just not be the right time and if you want it, work your ass off.  So we hope you will become a club member and join us on this journey,   "See ya out there!"